As a small, geographically narrow country surrounded by 18,000 kilometres of coastline, it stands to reason that New Zealanders have a deep connection with the sea. As our cover evokes, we paddle around in it, live off its bounty and are relaxed and revitalised by the sight, smell and sound of it.


New Zealand is also a country rich in picturesque lakes with stunning mountain backdrops and a myriad of rivers winding their way to the sea or a lake. You don't have to travel far to find a wonderful stretch of water, and owning a bach - or crib in South Island vernacular - close to the water has a long tradition in New Zealand.


Baches of old were mostly basic, humble affairs and a good number have stood the test of time, providing a nostalgic connection with a less complicated past. But times have moved on and so have our holiday homes. For better or worse, we have more options open to us than previous generations and this is reflected in a greater variety of waterfront dwellings. In an increasingly mobile world, and with advances in technology meaning we can work from just about anywhere, time spent at the beach or the lake is no longer necessarily confined to just the Christmas holidays or the occasional weekend. More of us are also downsizing in the city and upsizing alongside the water.


Waterfront house design and construction has adapted to this trend and has become more sophisticated and multifunctional, as the properties listed for sale in the pages of this magazine clearly demonstrate. Our architectural profession has also been pulled along by this tide of change, not without some controversy, and in one of the editorial articles in this issue we talk to a number of architects about evolving - and enduring - trends in the waterfront space.


New Zealand architects have done some of their best work at the beach, on the lake and alongside the river and some stunning examples of that can be found in this 18th edition of Bayleys' annual flagship Waterfront publication, along with more traditional waterfront homes. We look forward to being of assistance should any of these properties be of interest.



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The waterfront is home to some of New Zealands most compelling architecture.

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